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About Us

As a modern day New Testament Church, you will find us to be far different from the other churches. You will find us to be serious Bible students, because the Bible contains “the way to eternal life”. We worship God in the way we find instructed in the New Testament, not according to our own ideas or inventions. Men lead us in the praying of public prayers, while other members follow silently. We all sing together in vocal singing with no instrumental accompaniment. We share together the memorial of Christ’s death with unleavened bread and grape juice, representing His body and His blood. We listen to a speaker who delivers a lesson from the Bible, with open Bibles we follow the texts and seek to learn from them. Since the New Testament “Gospel” is the power of God to save, there is also an opportunity for anyone whose heart has been touched by the lesson to respond to it, seeking salvation or forgiveness. There is also an opportunity for members of the Church to make a financial contribution to the Church as a show of appreciation for their blessings. We do not solicit or expect money from our visitors.

You will be greeted as if we are glad to see you because we are!

You are invited by our Lord Jesus Christ, and by each of us.

An Independent, Non-Denominational, New Testament Church

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