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About The Church of Christ

The Church of Christ as it exists today is not the result of any reformation movement. It is in fact the same Church found in the pages of the New Testament. By following the New Testament instructions for the name, the organization, the membership, the work, the worship, and the doctrine of the Church, we become part of the same Church that they did. Jesus said “I will build my church”, and the New Testament shows Him to be the head of the Church. Since the founder, and the head of the Church is Christ, His Church wears His name, and follows His directions. There is no central leadership group for Christ’s Church, but simply independent groups of Christians who meet together in each locality and follow the New Testament guidelines on their own. The “Church” sometimes refers to all of those who have become members all over the world and throughout time. This is the Church “universal”. The “Church” sometimes refers to the individual local group of members who assemble together in any given location. This is the Church “local” (As we are in Lockport). The Church in the New Testament never refers to a multitude of conflicting denominations, each with their own different doctrines. The denominational concept was invented and introduced by men. The Apostles taught the same doctrine in every Church, in every city. If a Church cannot show New Testament instructions for all that they teach and do, then they are not a part of the New Testament Church of Christ.

An Independent, Non-Denominational, New Testament Church

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